The Pengalon Bamboo House

Pelangon Bamboo House is one of the interesting tourist object which is become the most favorite place to be visited.
Its beautiful panorama as well as the unique construction adding to the tourist attraction of this house. It is also having a unique fact that must-be-known by tourist especially them who are in Karangasem!

Favorite Tourist Attractions

Bali is mentioned as a paradise on earth. Because in addition to having a beautiful panorama, Bali also has many interesting things that can certainly make a vacation being the most beautiful moment in life. Like tourist attractions that are attractive, beautiful, and stunning in every corner and from all aspects. Make anyone who visits the place will never regret it, but instead becomes the most favorite place to be a place to devote the most beautiful moments.

One of the beautiful tourist attractions is the Pengalon Bamboo House. This place was established with the aim of creating a new tourist destination in Karangasem. But the construction has not been completed because of obstacles that prevent it. Even so, the existence of the Pengalon Bamboo House still attracts tourists to visit this place.

The Pelangon Bamboo House

The tourists who visit this place have a purpose to hunt various photos with the Bamboo House as a background. As the name implies, the Pengalon Bamboo House is made of bamboo trees. The use of environmentally friendly materials is now a matter of interest.

The use of environmentally friendly materials will be easily biodegradable so that it can help care for the earth and all its components. Adding the age of the earth that is quite old and there is pollution everywhere, of course, this fact can be a positive thing and attract the attention of all tourists.

The Attraction of the Pelangon Bamboo House

Not only bamboo materials but also other natural materials such as coconut trees which are used as a pillar supporting a bridge. Another interesting thing about this place is that although the material used is natural, the robustness of the building is certainly strong.

The Pengalon Bamboo House has the most striking building, which is the existence of a giant dome-shaped house. This building is fully made using wood. But because of unfinished construction, so tourists can only enjoy a half-finished house.

This place has a very wide area reaching 16 hectares. So that tourists can be satisfied to tour the entire area in this Pengalon Bamboo House. The Bamboo House area has beautiful views and a river that seems to divide all 4 bamboo houses. The tourists can also enjoy the beach and the fresh wind that blows pretty hard. So it is advisable to wear a jacket when visiting this place.


This unique tourist attraction is stated in Br. Pengalon, Antiga Village, Manggis District, Karangasem Regency.


To get to this place, there are several routes that can be visited by tourists. The route is not difficult. The tourists can take directions from Denpasar City by using the route to the Goa Lawang Klungkung direction.

Furthermore, when arriving at the Yeh Malet gas station, you can choose to turn right. The next benchmark is the Antiga Village Office. From this place continues to be approximately 400 meters until you find Amlapura highways and then follow the road until you reach this Bamboo House.

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