Bebek Dengil Restaurant in Ubud

What was more important than delicious culinary tours?! Bebek Dengil Restaurant, specifically situated in Ubud is the answer to every tourist, the duck lovers! the crispy taste and its beautiful panorama will never make its guest be regret of coming to this place!

Restaurants in Ubud

Holidays in Bali become the most awaited vacation by tourists. Not only local tourists but also foreign tourists from all over the world. Not only famous for the beauty of the island but also Bali is famous for a variety of pleasant attractions. Starting from natural attractions, culture, shopping, to culinary attractions.

There are many famous culinary attractions in Bali. Spread in many areas, especially tourist areas in Bali. One of the famous culinary tours is the Bebek Bengil restaurant. This restaurant is also located in the famous tourist area in Bali, namely in Ubud. The foreign tourists are more familiar with it as “Dirty Duck Diner”.

The Attraction of Dengil Duck Restaurant

Almost every day the Bebek Dengil restaurant is crowded by tourists visiting this place. Because this restaurant is one of a favorite place for tourists, especially those visiting the Ubud area.

This restaurant has become famous for its tourist attraction. Such as a place that provides a beautiful atmosphere. The location of the restaurant which is in the rice field area provides its own comfort by a breeze that blows during the day.

Bebek Dengil Restaurant also provides an adequate place. Like a gazebo made of wooden diaries that allow tourists to sit freely on the small sitting cushions that have been provided while enjoying the beauty of the rice fields. So this restaurant is very suitable for family meals with children, or in large numbers such as large group dining events.

Food Menu of Dengil Duck Restaurant

The Bebek Bengil restaurant has a main dish which is fried duck. Fried duck is served differently from fried duck in other restaurants. That is served with white rice complete with sambal matah and lawar in a separate place. Tourists can use several menus such as changing the duck menu to be served with stir-fried potatoes and salad.

For the taste of the menu at this restaurant undoubtedly. Because the fried duck in this restaurant is crispy, even small bones can be chewed. The processed duck meat comes from local ducks in the area around Ubud.

For the mainstay menu, Bebek Dengil restaurant has a crispy duck menu that has been existing since its establishment in 1990. Based on the statement from the restaurant owner that this fried duck originated from a family recipe that is usually served for daily meals until now developed into a successful business. Bebek Dengil Restaurant also has a number of other favorite menus such as Balinese mixed rice menu, Balinese spiced fish, and grilled green chili duck. For drinks menu available here ranging from soft drinks, juice, cocktails, and other alcoholic drinks.

Food Prices of Dengil Duck Restaurant

The price of the menu at this restaurant is quite expensive but it is worth its quality. Such as fried Bengil Duck menu for IDR 125,000, Bali mixed rice for IDR 75,000, Balinese seasoned pepes fish for IDR 95,000, and grilled green chili duck IDR 122,000. But the price does not include 11% tax and 10% service yet.


This restaurant has several outlets, specifically outlets in Ubud located on Jl. Hanoman, Padang Padang Tegal region, Ubud.

Open Hours

Every day from 10 am to 10.30 pm.

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