The Mooi River Valley

The Mooi River Valley is a Restaurant in Ubud that offer its visitor delicious menus together with a perfect view of Waterfalls. A perfect place to capture moments.

You can find the latest photo hunting spots in Bali by visiting various locations. One place that you can consider is The Mooi River Valley Bali. This place, in particular, offers contemporary photos against the background of Blangsinga Waterfall which is also often called Tegenungan Waterfall.

The Mooi River Valley offers a very comfortable place to relax during a vacation to Bali. In here, there are various amusement rides that can be used, from outdoor swimming pools to swings. You can also find a row of delicious menus to accompany your calm while relaxing in Mooi River Valley.

Attractive Side of The Mooi River Valley Bali

The main attraction that you can find at The Mooi River Valley is a swing ride. This swing is a contemporary swing that is installed so that visitors can see the view of the valley in the river to Blangsinga Waterfall.

Even though it looks scary, the swing in The Mooi River Valley is quite safe. You don’t need to worry about the swing safety standards here. Moreover, in every activity carried out by visitors, there are experts who always accompany them.

When you take advantage of the swing at The Mooi River Valley, you can indulge in fun. When using this swing, you will be carried as if you are flying over a valley. The experience of riding this swing can also be an interesting moment that can be captured in-camera shots.

In addition to finding facilities in the form of swings, The Mooi River Valley also provides other facilities in the form of a swimming pool. This swimming pool is deliberately designed in an outdoor form that can provide more comfort. Besides being able to swim, you can also enjoy the view of the waterfall from a distance.

Menu Options at The Mooi River Valley Ubud

To accompany your relaxing time, you can choose to order food or drinks. You can enjoy various types of drinks, from traditional drinks, cocktails, coffee, beer, or mocktails. The price of drinks, you can find varies, starting from IDR 45.000 to IDR 90.000.

There are also many variations of food that can be eaten, both traditional food and western culinary. You can find culinary based on pork such as egg and bacon tart, vegetarian pizza, salad with beef, meatball, salmon burger, nacho, or crispy duck. The price of food is set at a price tag of less than IDR 200.000.

Location of The Mooi River Valley

You can find The Mooi in the village of Saba, Blahbatuh, Gianyar, to be precise on Blangsinga Highway. To reach this place, you need to drive approximately 2 hours from the center of Denpasar City. Besides being able to get cool Instagram photos, the food is also delicious, you know!

The location of this tourist spot is also close to several popular destinations in Bali. You can not only find the existence of Blangsinga Waterfall. You will also find the Krisna Bali Souvenir Center not far from The Mooi River Valley.

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