Lakeside Cottages Kintamani

Vacationing in Bali is the most anticipated thing for tourists, especially foreign tourists who have recognized the charm of the beauty of Bali. Especially when choosing Lakeside Cottages as a place to stay and create the most beautiful vacation moments.

Lakeside Cottages Kintamani

The island of Bali is famous for its enchanting beauty which is able to attract many tourists to come and visit to enjoy all of that beauty directly. In fact, many tourists who come to visit Bali recognize its beauty. Both local tourists and foreign tourists are addicted to continue on vacation in Bali and create the best vacation moments.

There are many tourist objects that keep all the beauty and uniqueness of Bali, where many fun things can be done easily. Not a few are also popular tourist attractions among tourists, such as those in the Kintamani area, namely Lakeside Cottages.

Vacation Atmosphere at Lakside Cottages Kintamani

Lakeside Cottages Kintamani is a comfortable and popular inn and is a must-visit. All tours, especially those who have visited Kintamani, must know that Kintamani is a tourist area in Bali which is famous for its views of Lake Batur. Therefore, staying at Lakeside Cottages is an opportunity for tourists to be able to enjoy the beautiful views of Lake Batur because its location is right on the edge of the lake. In addition, staying at Lakeside Cottages has the opportunity to get the best service that is equivalent to services at 1-star hotels.

Apart from the beautiful scenery, this hotel also has a calm atmosphere where tourists can enjoy the serenity while in the hotel. The natural nuance combined with the serenity makes this hotel the perfect place to spend time on vacation and create the best vacation experience.

The Charm of Lakeside Cottage

Because Lakeside Cottages is equivalent to a 1-star hotel, therefore it does not only rely on its location on the shores of Lake Batur as an attraction, but also classy facilities that can be obtained at low prices. In this hotel, a beautiful view of Lake Batur in the afternoon can be entertainment for tourists, especially when relaxing in the swimming pool area. Because the location of the hotel is in Kintamani which is also famous for its natural hot springs, so tourists can choose to soak in hot water.

Apart from hot water facilities, this hotel still has many other supporting facilities that are very diverse. Yoga activities can also be done along with other types of water sports. Apart from that, the hotel also provides free wi-fi internet access. Certainly, it will be very fun for every tourist, especially those who are on vacation with family.

Diverse Room Choices

The hotel is also equipped with a wide selection of rooms that visitors can choose freely. Some of the room choices provided at Lakeside Cottages are Standard, Superior, Deluxe, and family rooms that are specifically for every traveler who is on vacation with family. Plus each room has complete facilities. One of them is a choice of breakfast menu accompanied by coffee or tea, complete toiletries, and much more. As already mentioned, the rates for staying at this hotel can be obtained at low prices. One example is the standard room which is the cheapest room option and costs IDR. 300,000s per night.


Jl. Raya Toya No. Bungkah, Batur Tengah, Kintamani District, Bangli Regency.

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