Kilo Kitchen Cafe

Enjoying culinary offerings with delicious flavors while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery is definitely the dream of all tourists. In particular, tourists visiting the Seminyak area can enjoy all of these by visiting Kilo Kitchen Cafe.

Kilo Kitchen Cafe

Vacationing to the island of Bali is the most enjoyable holiday moment and is awaited by many tourists. Starting from local tourists to foreign tourists coming to visit Bali to spend their vacation time and create the best vacation experience. Bali is famous for its beauty and lots of fun things to do. The best tourist objects such as natural attractions, cultural uniqueness, to the sensation of the delicacy of culinary tours.

Many culinary attractions that can be visited in Bali, even most of them are well known by tourists. All of these can be found easily in Bali. For tourists who are looking for unique and different food, you can directly visit the Kilo Kitchen Café which is one of the famous restaurant chains in Singapore.

The Atmosphere at The Cafe Kilo Kitchen Seminyak

Kilo Kitchen cafe was established for the first time in the Bugis village of Singapore, and the first to expand in the Seminyak area. This cafe comes with a beautiful minimalist design and is very popular among Balinese culinary lovers. Precisely in 2014, Kafe Kilo Kitchen was established for the first time with great enthusiasm to become one of the leading restaurants in Bali. Therefore, one of the efforts given by the cafe is to present their signature menu combined with various local ingredients from Bali. This effort seems to be successful with various positive responses received by the cafe.

Therefore, the Kilo Kitchen Cafe is always enlivened by many tourists who visit to enjoy the culinary here. So it is advisable for every visitor to make a reservation before coming to the location to get the best place.

Kilo Kitchen Café Specials

However, what makes Kilo Kitchen Cafe a special food place is because of its appeal comes from the architectural design of the building which looks very attractive, even though in size, the place is not that big. The thing that makes this cafe so interesting is the inside of the cafe which has a combination of natural and minimalist elements.

Meanwhile, the exterior of the cafe building is dominated by industrial elements made of glass and steel. Which combination makes this kilo kitchen cafe have a building that looks so modern and spacious. In addition, this cafe is also known as a luxury cafe that is more inclined towards the upper middle segment.

Kilo Kitchen Restaurant Special Menu

The menus provided at the Kilo Kitchen Seminyak cafe are very diverse, so tourists who visit don’t have to worry about feeling bored with unchanging or monotonous menu choices. Several menus are provided by the cafe, such as different brunch, dinner, wine, and dessert menus. The unique thing about this restaurant is that guests who want to visit can place a menu order and ask that the menu be served according to the time of arrival. Visitors will find dominant menus such as the Peranakan menu, Japanese specialties, and Italian food. Regarding the price itself, the Kilo Kitchen Seminyak cafe sets prices starting from IDR. 100,000 to IDR. 300,000 per menu.


Jl. Drupadi Number 22.

Open Hours

8 am to 3 pm.

6 pm to 00 am.

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