Lovina Beach

Beaches are a popular tourist attraction in Bali. One of the famous beaches is Lovina beach, where tourists can enjoy the appearance of a group of dolphins jumping in the middle of the sea.

Lovina Beach

The island of Bali has become one of the favorites and well-known tourist destinations by many foreign tourists. Many things of beauty can be found while on vacation in Bali. This island holds many enchanting things starting from its natural attractions, cultural tourism, and various tourist objects that show all the charm of the beauty of the island of Bali.

Of all the tourist objects in Bali, natural attractions are one of the most popular tourist objects and are sought after and visited by tourists. Because natural attractions can make tourists feel close to the Creator who creates beautiful natural ingredients in Bali. One of the popular tourist objects is beach attractions such as Lovina.

The Main Attraction of Lovina Beach

Lovina Beach is one of the beaches on the coast of North Bali which is quite popular. The location is exactly 10 km to the west of Singaraja City. In the area where Lovina Beach is located, there are many inns with varying prices, ranging from simple inns to luxury inns. Each tourist attraction means that it has its own charm, Likina Beach, which has black sand with a very natural location. The tourists who visit this beach will be able to see a line of traditional fishing boats. However, this is not the main attraction of this beach.

In fact, the dolphin show activity in the middle of the sea is the main attraction of Lovina Beach. In the tourist area of ​​Lovina Beach, it is very famous for its wild dolphin shows in the middle of the sea. Because the beach has hundreds of dolphins that live around it. The tourists who come to this beach often come with the aim of witnessing the appearance of dolphins in the middle of the sea. The action of these dolphins can be seen between 6 am and 8 am.

Beautiful Atmosphere on Lovina Beach

Lovina Beach is one of the beaches that has relatively calm sea waters, so that every tourist who travels to the middle of the sea can pass comfortably on a fishing boat. Tourists can also find dolphins around 1 km from the shoreline. The sight of the dolphins’ action from jumping to just swimming casually will be a very interesting sight and the most awaited by tourists.

On this Lovina beach, tourists who visit can rent a traditional fishing boat which is specially provided for tourists to see dolphins in the middle of the sea. Not only can the dolphin action be enjoyed, it can also convey the beautiful and natural waters of the sea. The length of time lasts when the dolphin viewing activity in Lovina is about 2 hours. Even on this beach tourists can do diving activities to see all the very diverse marine biodata.

Fishing Boat Rental Prices

Every tourist who wants to see the sight of dolphins in the middle of the sea continues to use boats that can be rented from fishermen. The price for renting a boat on Lovina beach is around IDR 150,000. This boat can accommodate up to 5 people and each person is given a life jacket facility and breakfast after finishing watching dolphins in the middle of the sea.


Kalibukbuk Village, Buleleng Regency.

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