Apung Kedisan Restaurant

Enjoying a meal at the Kedisan Floating restaurant will give guests a unique holiday experience.

Apung Kedisan Restaurant

One of the best tourist destinations that must be visited is Bali Island tourism. One of the islands in Indonesia that has a lot of beauty. Especially its natural beauty which is recognized by many tourists around the world.

Lots of fun things to do in Bali. Each of these fun things will provide the best vacation moments. Where these moments will be created by visiting every tourist attraction on this island. Starting from natural attractions, to culinary attractions such as Kedisan Floating Restaurant.

The Uniqueness of Kedisan Floating Restaurant

Agung Restaurant is one of the food places that has many uniqueness in Bali. Especially the location which is floating above the lake, giving a different atmosphere and scenery. Where in general, the places to eat in Bali show the beauty of its beach views, but this restaurant shows the beautiful views of the lake.

As the name implies, this Kedisan Floating restaurant is located in a location where it literally floats on the lake. Surely it is very rare to find a place to eat with an atmosphere like this. With this unique condition coupled with the view of Mount Batur, the Kedisan Floating Restaurant is a must-visit restaurant.

Beautiful Atmosphere at Kedisan Floating Restaurant

As soon as they enter the Kedisan Kintamani Floating Restaurant area, guests will be greeted with a road that is deliberately built over the lake. These roads connect the cottages built on Lake Batur. So that guests no longer need to use or even rent a boat to get to the restaurant cottage.

Located on the lips of Lake Batur and quite close to the Port of Kadisan Village, Kedisan Floating Restaurant is a very unique place. Moreover, the beauty of Lake Batur from a distance appears to be standing proud, as if to show its beauty.

The cottage with the roof of the Kedisan Floating Resto is about 5 units. Each has a comfortable space with a table and chairs and wooden floors. There is also an outdoor area suitable for guests who don’t want to pass the cool air directly without dividing the wooden walls of the hut.

Eight outdoor tables are available in the floating section of Resto Apung Kedisan which is ready to pamper guests with the cool breeze of mountains and lakes. All of these lodges can float thanks to the barrels that support the restaurant huts.

In addition, the wooden floors or wooden bridges of the Kedisan Floating Resto are not flat. Therefore, it is advisable for parents to always supervise each child. Apart from these two small problems, the atmosphere of this restaurant is very friendly to children.

The Ease of Vacationing at the Kedisan Floating Restaurant

The gentle breeze that lulls the skin is guaranteed to make you feel comfortable. The clean and unique place will give me a different impression when eating a meal. Moreover, this place is also instagramable with mountains, lakes or cottages around it.

In this restaurant there are also accommodations in the form of bungalows that can be rented. The bungalows overlook the lake and are equipped with swimming pool facilities. The price is commensurate with the view and existing facilities, which is around IDR. 450,000.

The majority of the menu served is seafood. But judging by the location of this restaurant, tilapia is the majority of the menu served by Kedisan Floating Restaurant. The menus served include grilled tilapia (red), fried tilapia, seasoned fried tilapia, pelecing kale, Balinese satay, sambel matah and tilapia soup.


On Jalan Kedisan Danau Batur, Kintamani.

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