The Bali Swing

This island is known as Heaven on Earth. One of the attractions visited by many tourists is The Bali Swing.

The Bali Swing

The holidays are the most fun. Because only during the holidays, everyone can rest and do a lot of fun things or things that haven’t been done yet. Likewise, tourists, both local and foreign tourists, will spend their vacations visiting all the tourist attractions in Bali.

The island of Bali is indeed famous for its variety of beauty and uniqueness. Starting from natural beauty, cultural uniqueness, to various popular and fun tourist objects. So, do not be surprised if this island is known as Heaven on Earth. One of the attractions visited by many tourists is The Bali Swing.

Enjoy the Most Popular Swing, Bali Swing
Photo of woman with long swing and forest view. Young woman swinging in the jungle rainforest of Bali island, Indonesia. Swing in the tropics. Women sit on swings at a height of more than twenty meters. In Indonesia Bali Province.

Enjoy the Most Popular Swing, Bali Swing

Bali swing in Bongkasa village is a new recreational or adventure tourism in Bali. This swing is quite interesting for those who want to feel the challenge and test their guts. Indeed enjoying various challenges including the beautiful natural charm of the island of the Gods of Bali, of course you have often been spoiled by the natural beauty of the beach including the cool nature of the mountains, lakes and waterfalls on this island. But Bali never seems to lack places for recreation, a number of new tourist attractions have sprung up to complete your vacation so that your tour is never boring. And one of the new recreational spots that are trending and hits is Bali Swing which is located in Bongkasa village, close to Ubud tourism.

What Bali Swing actually offers, as the name implies Swing is a swing, so the tour here is to enjoy the swing. Games that are reminiscent of playing childhood and swing is one of the games that is quite favorite. In this Bongkasa village, Bali Swing is a pioneer of swing tourism which is now widely scattered in this village. In Bali itself, there are a number of tourist attractions that deliberately place a swing as an icon of the place, which is a distinctive feature and is in demand by young people for selfie photo tours and exists on social media (social media). However, the swing provided at Bali Swing certainly presents a different sensation that can stimulate your adrenaline.

The Entertainment You Feel When You're at The Bali Swing

The Entertainment You Feel When You’re at The Bali Swing

This Bali Swing offers a swing at a height of 35 meters from the ground, it’s quite exciting, isn’t it, not an ordinary swing, swinging at that height of course requires enough courage and guts. For those of you who have a phobia of heights and have heart problems, of course this game is not recommended.

You will feel an extraordinary sensation, floating in the air as if flying freely like a swallow, making your adrenaline rush, for those who like challenges and nature tourism, of course, the activities offered by Bali Swing are something special. This tourist spot is quite affordable from the tourist area of ​​Ubud, so you can pack a full day tour easily.


Jl. Dewi Saraswati 7, Banjar Tegal Kuning, Bongkasa Pertiwi Village, Abiansemal District, Badung Regency.

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