Kertha Gosa Park in Klungkung

Have a curiosity or interest in the uniqueness of Balinese culture? Kertha Gosha will be the perfect place to see the evidence of the beauty and uniqueness of Balinese culture, especially the Klungkung regional culture.

Tourist Attractions in Klungkung

Klungkung is a district that has the smallest area on Bali Island as well as being a famous tourism area in Bali. Klungkung is famous as a very quiet area, congestion-free, no air pollution and even the population is very friendly.

In addition, Klungkung has several tourist attractions that must be visited because of the beauty of nature and attractions combined with the warm hospitality of its population, which is the identity of Klungkung since a long time ago. One of the tourist attractions in Klungkung that must be visited is the Kertha Gosa Park.

The History of the Kertha Gosa Park

Kertha Gosa Park is a tourist attraction in the East Bali area which features many historic buildings and Balinese architectural ornaments. This makes both local and foreign tourists are interested in visiting the Kertha Gosa Park.

This place used to be part of the Klungkung royal complex which was built in 1686 by the first authority, Ida I Dewa Agung Jambe. But in 1908, almost all of the Klungkung royal buildings were destroyed because of the Dutch colonial invasion.

Besides the Kertha Gosa park, there are two buildings from the Klungkung royal complex that remained and did not completely collapse during the Dutch colonial invasion. They are the Great Medal building (the main gate of the Klungkung kingdom) and Bale Kambang (a building surrounded by a pond called Taman Gili).

In the past, the function of Bale Kertha Gosa was a place of discussion about the situation of security, justice and prosperity of the Balinese royal region, also functioned as a place of court in Bali.

The Attraction & Uniqueness of Kertha Gosa Park

We have previously mentioned that the Kertha Gosa Park features historic buildings and 17th-century Balinese architectural ornament which both are the main attractions of this park.

The beauty of architecture is especially evident in the Bale Kambang building, which is surrounded by a pond called Taman Gili. Because there is a pond around Bale Kambang, then to be able to enter the Bale Kambang building area, visitors will pass through a brick bridge.

The uniqueness of the Bale Kambang and Bale Kertha Gosa buildings is on the roof of the building. On the ceiling of the building there is a painting of Wayang that illustrates the case being justice as well as the type of punishment that will be received for any mistake made.

Besides that, the Wayang painting also tells the Karma Pahala law. The law of cause and effect from the good and bad actions of humans in the whole of their life. Wayang paintings also depict human reincarnation into the world to atone for sins from their actions (reincarnation).

Besides the two buildings, in the area of Kertha Gosa tourist attraction, precisely in the west area, there is a museum that is also crowded by the tourists. The museum keeps historical objects from the Klungkung kingdom, and objects used by traditional Balinese courts in earlier times.

Entrance Ticket Prices:

The entrance ticket prices for local tourists with foreign tourists have the same price amounts IDR 25,000 / person.

Note: The tourists who visit it will get a sarong and a shawl that must be worn before entering the Kertha Gosa park area.


Kertha Gosa Paek is in the city center of Klungkung Regency. The location is right in front of the Klungkung regent’s office.

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