Hideout Beehevie

Have tourists ever spent the night in an eco-friendly inn surrounded by beautiful nature accompanied by the sound of a flowing river? True to its name, Hideout Beehive’s location is hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Hideout Beehevie

Vacationing in Bali is not enough just one day or 2 days. So much beauty that deserves to be enjoyed to make the best vacation experience. It’s not even surprising if there are foreign tourists who decide to stay in Bali. The atmosphere is so calm and safe, it makes anyone feel at home and want to always come back.

There are many tourist attractions that can be an option when on vacation in Bali. Starting from natural, cultural attractions, to various other interesting places, such as the Hideout Beehevie inn.

The Design of Hideout Beehevie

The Design of Hideout Beehevie

Bali is one of the tourist destinations in Indonesia which is known to have many luxury resorts, Instagenic homestays, and all kinds of homestays with five-star facilities. But it may be outdated for tourists who have traveled to many places. People like tourists have probably stayed in any homestay so Travelers may need something new besides a luxury resort, Instagenic homestay or something else.

This inn is dominated by bamboo and wood, a location far from the crowds suitable for tourists who want to be more private, enjoy a vacation like being in their own world, then mingle directly with Balinese nature.

Before tourists stay at Hideout Beehive, you should make sure tourists do not have allergies to animals. Because there will be cats, insects, and also a friendly dog ​​named Tracy. Tracy would frequent the inn and even sleep there. He likes meeting new guests. Apart from cats and dogs, tourists may encounter insects, frogs and mice as they are very close to nature

The Attractiveness of Hideout Beehevie

The Attractiveness of Hideout Beehevie

All Hideouts have their own private garden, and Hideouts Beehive provides complete privacy and solitude. Nearest shops are 5-15 minutes away, easy to reach by scooter or on foot. During your stay, Hideouts Beehive also gives you one free scooter, including two helmets. So tourists don’t have to think twice about how tourists will get around here and reach small shops, restaurants or even just for city sightseeing.

This wooden inn consists of two floors whose interior uses traditional materials. Downstairs, there is a living room, kitchen and bathroom. The bathroom uses a shower but the area is in an open space. While on the second floor there is a bedroom with a size large enough and one room for an extra bed.

Another uniqueness offered is the opportunity to interact with the surrounding fauna. Hideouts Beehive is known for hosting the stray dogs and cats that roam around the lodge, as is Tracy, the friendly dog ​​who usually approaches the lodge and plays with guests.

Besides being close to nature, visitors can take a closer look at the daily life and activities of residents around the river. The river is usually used for washing clothes, bathing, and performing religious rituals.


The Honeycomb Hiding Place is located in the Strait, Karangasem, Bali. It takes more than 90 minutes from Ubud area and 2 hours from Denpasar City and the international airport.

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