Amed Beach

For water sports lovers such as diving or snorkeling, of course they will not miss diving at Amed Beach Bali. This beach is famous for its underwater paradise which is worldwide.

Amed Beach

The island of Bali is known as a very popular tourist destination. This island is not only popular with local tourists, but also this island is well known by foreign tourists. Many tourists have come and seen first hand the beauty of this island. Feel the sensation of the best vacation of all time.

Many things of beauty can be found in Bali. In fact, this beauty has received recognition from many countries in the world. Starting from its natural beauty, cultural uniqueness, to various fun activities that can be done in Bali. The natural beauty of the sea is the most popular beauty in Bali. One of them is like the beauty of the sea on Amed Beach.

The Underwater Beauty of Amed Beach

Amed Beach is one of the popular beach attractions in Bali. This place is surrounded by stunning sea views. The most unique thing is that this place is perfect for lovers of water sports such as diving or snorkeling. Many tourists who visit this beach will not miss the moment to dive at Amed Beach.

This beach is also famous for its underwater paradise which is already worldwide. Many tourists who dive or just snorkel in coastal areas are attracted by the natural beauty of the underwater world.

Unlike the sands on other beaches or beaches that are usually white, the sand of Amed beach is black. However, the seawater on this beach is still clear and has many fresh coral reefs. So that the view of exotic fish such as bannerfish, black snapper, damselfish, pyramid butterflies, tigger fish, and cardinal fish as well as many other marine life that beautify the underwater scenery.

Amed Beach Attraction

Another attraction of diving here is that divers can visit the wreck of a former Japanese warship that sank around 1944. This sunken ship is home to beautiful small fish and another marine biota. This dive point is located in Jemeluk Village. It will be satisfactory for travelers who like to do snorkeling or diving activities at Amed Beach.

Many of the residents here work as fishermen, salt farmers and breeders. So don’t be surprised if there are many stalls to dry seawater into salt. Even the salt farmers here don’t mind explaining the steps to produce salt to tourists.

In addition, Amed beach also has complete facilities. One of them is from lodging to restaurants with varying rental prices.

Amed Beach Entrance Prices

Because Amed Beach is a snorkeling spot, many provide diving equipment that can be rented out at any time. The rental fee is not too expensive, it only ranges from IDR 30,000 to IDR 50,000. The services of trained guides and instructors will always accompany you.

Not only underwater tourism, but Amed Beach Bali also has beautiful beach views when the sun rises and also sets. Tourists can visit the beach from the morning before sunrise to sunset. There is no ticket to enter the location, but visitors who bring a vehicle are charged a parking fee of IDR 50,000.


Located in Abang District, Karangasem Regency.

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