The Warung Restaurant

The Warung Restaurant, which is part of this luxurious restaurant, offers a dazzling view of the Indian Ocean along with delicious food that can pamper the guests.

The Warung Restaurant

Having a pleasant holiday moment is sure to be everyone’s dream. Of all the available tourist options, the island of Bali is the recommended and favorite tourist choice that must be visited. Many local tourists, especially foreign tourists, come to Bali to spend their vacation time.

The island of Bali is known as the island of surge because of all the beauty and pleasures that can be found in Bali. Many tourist objects are ready to enhance the vacation of tourists. One of them is by relaxing enjoying the view of the Indian Ocean and enjoying delicious dishes at The Warung Restaurant.

Romantic Dinner Atmosphere at The Warung Restaurant

The Warung restaurant is one of the restaurants in Bali that provides the best Indonesian cuisine. This restaurant is part of a luxury hotel in Uluwatu called Alila Hotel. Where the location of this restaurant is very strategic because it is close to other tourism areas such as the main area of ​​Seminyak. This Seminyak area is a nice diversion from the center of the crowd.

Meanwhile, Alila Hotel itself is a hotel with a very beautiful design. The location is not only close to the tourism area but also on a cliff. This location provides a very special view of the backdrop of The Warung restaurant itself. A view of the Indian Ocean can be clearly seen and enjoyed by all guests who are in the restaurant.

With its beautiful scenery, it provides a romantic atmosphere that can be felt by guests, especially guests of young couples. Many newly married guests come to this place to get a romantic honeymoon atmosphere.

Taste And Menu Prices The Warung Restaurant

Not only does it have a strategic location and unspeakable scenic beauty, but also provides a pool with a sparkling blue wet edge. Surely dinner at The Warung restaurant will be one of the most beautiful relaxing moments at night.

For the taste of this restaurant itself no doubt. The food provided by The Warung Restaurant has an extraordinarily delicious taste. Even the best Indonesian food in Bali!

Any guest who wants to experience a variety of local dishes is highly recommended to try Chef’s Selection “Uluwatu”. This menu contains dozens of mini dishes. Even though it is mini, these foods can arouse the appetite of every guest who tastes them, while providing a sense of satisfaction and fullness.

In addition, there is also a menu of young jackfruit fruit salad served along with pork, shredded chicken with chili and lime, minced duck with banana leaves, and simple yet amazing soups like sweet corn soup and clear chicken soup are the best menus!

Every dish provided is very light and flavorful. The food served is the Balinese style using soft spices, lime, chili, coconut, papaya, green mango and coriander which creates a soft, healthy, and delicious meal. The interesting thing is, guests can also ask the chef for the recipe for their favorite food.

This restaurant serves a menu with reasonable prices starting from $ 10 per the main course and from $ 20 per main course. The Chef’s Selection menu ‘Uluwatu’ itself has a price of 69 ++ dollars per person.


Jl. Belimbing Sari Banjar Tambiyak, Pecatu, Uluwatu, South Kuta, Badung.

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