Sardine Restaurant

Being in Kerobokan Bali, it’s not fun if you don’t try food at one of the restaurants there. Sardine Kerobokan Restaurant is one of the restaurant recommendations here. This restaurant was founded by a chef and restaurant entrepreneur from France named Pascal Chevillot along with an interior designer from Slovenia named Pika.

The Beauty of the Tourism Area, Kerobokan

The beauty of nature in Bali is unspeakable. Especially the Kerobokan tourism area which is located in the Southwest part of Bali Island. This area is a tourist area that borders Canggu in the East and Seminyak in the North.

Although the Kerobokan area is adjacent to the Seminyak area, the Kerobokan area offers a different atmosphere. The tourists can feel the mix of atmosphere between the City and Resort. There are many amazing attractions in Kerobokan. But the main attraction of Kerobokan lies in its culinary tourism. One of the famous culinary tours in Kerobokan is the Sardine restaurant.

Sardine Restaurant Design

Sardine Restaurant is owned by a chef and businessman from France named Pascal Chevillot along with a Slovenian interior designer named Pika. This restaurant has a unique design style. When visitors enter the restaurant area, the design of the room dominated by bamboo as the main structure of the building will be immediately visible. The style of this room design has a rustic concept. So the interior of the Sardine restaurant gives a natural impression.

Because the concept of this restaurant focuses on natural impressions, various materials are made as natural as possible with a bamboo building overlooking the rice fields. The rice field view in this restaurant looks to support a natural and charming impression.

In the middle of the lounge area there is a unique pond. The pond is a very rare white koi pond and will later be used as food. Pitahi koi fish in the water provide an interesting view.

Sardine Restaurant Attraction

Besides giving a natural impression, the existence of the Sardine restaurant located on the edge of the rice fields also provides cool air. Coupled with the decoration is also unique, some white umbrellas and boxes are roofed. Tables and chairs made of bamboo become the most comfortable place to eat at Sardine. The atmosphere of the rice field with its interior design seems to be one of the attractions of this restaurant. So this place is highly recommended as a culinary place with family, friends, coworkers, and couples.

Sardine Restaurant Menu

Sardine Restaurant offers a variety of menus that can change regularly. The menu that dominates is the seafood menu. The main ingredient of the menu at this restaurant uses the freshest catches from the fishing village of Jimbaran on the Southwest coast of Bali Island. Of all the seafood menus served, the most interesting menu is the sardine menu.

Besides seafood, this sardine restaurant also offers vegetarian and meat dishes. Other menus such as cocktails, martinis, wines and more are also available at this restaurant.


Jl. Petitenget 21, Kerobokan, Seminyak.

Open Hours

Tuesday – Sunday: 11:30 am to 9 pm.


From Ngurah Rai Airport to the northwest, use the two left lanes to turn left onto Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai, continue right to continue on Jl. Sunset road. Next, turn right onto Jl. Raya Kerobokan then turn left onto Jl. Petitenget. Not far from there you will find Sardine.

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