Otonan Ceremony in Bali

Having a vacation to Bali is a wonderful choice, since Bali is well known with its beautiful nature and attraction. Yet, Bali is more than that! There are many unique cultures that is worth to notice.

Birthday is an award that is usually done every year. However, in Bali, there are other awards which are held earlier, to be precise every 6 months. Its name is the Otonan Ceremony in Bali. This ceremony also has a meaning that is no less important than a birthday award.

In fact, online, the Otonan Ceremony held by the Balinese Hindu community can be interpreted as a birthday celebration ceremony. It’s just that, the meaning of birthday in their belief, is different from the birthday that is in the understanding of the general public.

The Otonan ceremony in Bali in its implementation is proof of human gratitude to Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa. The implementation is based on the weton count in Javanese culture. Entering Bali, the word Weton also changes to oton which means literally birth or can also be interpreted as incarnate into the world.

Procedures for Implementing the Otonan Ceremony in Bali

Autonomy itself, according to Balinese Hindus, is a birthday whose arrival must be celebrated once every 210 days. This ceremony is not related to being born into a form of gratitude and all the blessings that are given. At the same time, Autonomy also affects one’s behavior and way of life.

This ceremony must be carried out since the baby is 210 days old. Furthermore, the ceremony is carried out regularly until death. There are several stages that need to be considered in the implementation of this important ceremony for Balinese Hindus, namely:

1. Worship performed by pastors in order to request testimony against Hyang Widhi

2. Stages of worship addressed to Shiva Raditya (Suryawastawa)

3. Stages of offering respect to ancestors who have passed away

4. Worship performed during the implementation of the haircut

5. Worship which is done as the core of the otonan ceremony and praying

This ceremony can be done in a simple way or just like that. Can be adjusted according to the conditions of each family. It’s just that, the implementation of the Otonan Ceremony in Bali for the first time, is usually done on a large scale. Moreover, the existence of this first ceremony is an important effort to welcome new family members.

In addition, please note that the haircut performed in the Otonan Ceremony, is only done once in life. This stage of the event was carried out when Otonan was first performed. Apart from that, there are important things that must be considered. The Otonan ceremony is usually carried out in a festive manner when it coincides with the full moon.

Otonan Ceremony in Bali as a Form of Gratitude to God

The implementation of the Otonan Ceremony does look so burdensome, because it has to be done by living a life. But for Balinese people, the view is different. The Otonan Ceremony is an expression of their gratitude for all the gifts they have received throughout life.

The Otonan ceremony teaches the Balinese people to always be grateful for all the blessings they get. Therefore, the existence of this ceremony is actually much more important than birthdays in the eyes of Hindus in Bali. So, if tourists find a ceremony like this in Bali, it is meant to pay their respects.

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