Mare Karma Kandara Restaurant

Enjoying the delicacy of the dishes provided by the restaurant Mare Karma Kandara is a must-have moment. With all the luxurious facilities will be able to satisfy the guests.

Mare Karma Kandara Restaurant

Holidays on the island of Bali as one of the most popular tourist destinations are the most beautiful moments you have ever had. Many tourists, both local tourists and foreign tourists who like to have a vacation, spend their time with the people they provide, making the most beautiful moments together in Bali. Because there is so much beauty to be had on this island.

There are many things you can do while on vacation in Bali. Some of the popular things that tourists usually do are visiting the most popular tourist objects ranging from natural, cultural, to culinary tours. One of the culinary tours that also features its very famous natural attractions is called the Mare Karma Kandara restaurant.

Mare Karma Kandara Romantic Restaurant

Mare Karma Kandara Restaurant is a restaurant under the Karma Kandara hotel. A luxury hotel that provides a romantic vacation atmosphere in Bali. The romantic impression given by this hotel can be obtained through various facilities provided by the hotel. One of them is the restaurant Mare Karma Kandara itself.

Its location on the edge of Karma Kandara Beach indeed makes Di Mare a special place. From the dining location, visitors can see firsthand the view of the high seas combined with the blue sky, which looks so charming. Moreover, the architectural design of the restaurant di Mare is also special.

The Beauty of Mare Karma Kandara Restaurant

The panorama of the sea that tourists can see during their visit to the restaurant di Mare is not the usual beach view. Hotel Karma Kandara deliberately placed this restaurant building on a cliff. With such a special location, visitors can see stunning views of the ocean from the top of the cliff.

The sea view from the top of the cliff is also enhanced by the unique architectural design of the building. The interior of the building is deliberately designed with the theme of a Greek building. The characteristic of Greek-style architectural design can be found in the presence of tall pillars that are deliberately painted in bright white. In addition, the restaurant also uses wooden furniture with the same color selection.

The panorama of the sea that is here is even more special if the tourists choose to visit in the afternoon. The restaurant at Mare offers a very pretty view of the sunset. With a view from the top of the cliff, tourists can see the scenery more thoroughly. The photo moment when the sun sets in this restaurant can also be used to beautify your social media feeds.

Mare Karma Kandara Restaurant Menu

The food options that can be ordered while taking your partner for a romantic dinner at the restaurant di Mare Bali are also very varied. Fresh seafood menu is a mandatory dish. Moreover, Restaurant di Mare is located by the beach. In addition, they also use agricultural and plantation products that are intentionally obtained from the Bedugul area. Meanwhile, the supply of quality meat is obtained by import from Australia and New Zealand.

Regarding the processing method, the restaurant chooses to offer a menu to visitors in a Mediterranean style of cuisine. In addition, Restaurant di Mare also provides a variety of interesting dining packages. such as various types of classic teas accompanied by cakes and pastries in the afternoon tea package.


 On Jl. Villa Kandara, Banjar Wijaya Kusuma in Ungasan.

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