La Lucciola Restaurant

Bali Island offers a lot of beautiful places to eat which has delicious food. One of them is located in the Seminyak area, La Lucciola Restaurant. A restaurant by a beautiful and unique design that serves International and Mediterranean cuisine.

Romantic Dinner in the Seminyak Area

Bali is the right choice for a vacation. Because Bali has many tourist areas that offer a lot of fun places. Like natural attractions, various cultural performances and souvenir items, to culinary attractions that offer delicious flavors. One of the attractions that offer a variety of interesting attractions is the Seminyak Region. Especially, there is a good place to eat which is a recommendation to visit. That place is La Lucciola Restaurant.

La Lucciola Seminyak Restaurant Design

La Lucciola restaurant has a unique and beautiful building design. The building was built on 2 floors where the roof is made of straw. With the rustic concept that is seen from tables and chairs and other furniture which is a wooden element that is not given paint, it gives a real rustic impression. On the ground floor, tourists will be able to see the beautiful view of the ocean and the beautiful sunset.

On the top floor is a room that is a favorite of tourists. Because this upstairs shows an interesting view. Where is the best scenery from the beach to the vast sea that looks golden when exposed to the light of the sun. In addition, the wind on the floor blows louder. The wind makes the body feel cool when exposed to the heat of the sun during the daytime.

La Lucciola restaurant also provides outdoor space, where tables and chairs are provided in a large yard that exposes the coastline to be an interesting treat. Especially at night, this place will look more beautiful with the light attached to enliven this restaurant. Candles and torches will decorate the La Lucciola restaurant building, replacing the setting sun. The light is designed so that it looks like the fireflies. That way will match the name of this restaurant which is La Lucciola which means fireflies.

La Lucciola Seminyak Restaurant Menu

La Lucciola Restaurant is a restaurant that serves a variety of international and Mediterranean cuisine. The food menu that is served is not always the same. Every day, this restaurant offers a different and changing menu. This provides a variety of food menu choices for visitors. So that visitors will not feel bored with the menu to choose from.

In the morning, a warm atmosphere will be felt in this restaurant. Visitors who come to dominate this restaurant are usually visitors who do breakfast with his family. This restaurant also provides dessert a kind of sweet Italian pastries.

At night, the atmosphere in this restaurant is also increasingly transformed into a romantic atmosphere. So at night, this restaurant is the right place for couples to come and have dinner here. With the dim light that illuminates this restaurant creates a romantic dinner atmosphere. Coupled with the night wind that blows to make a romantic atmosphere become comfortable and cool.


La Lucciola’s restaurant is located on Petitenget Beach, Jl. Kayu Ara, Kerobokan, North Kuta, Seminyak, Kuta, Badung Regency.

Open Hours

Daily from 9 am to 11 pm.

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