La Lucciola Petitenget Restaurant

In Bali there are many offers of places to eat for you to choose, but if you are in Seminyak area, there is one good restaurant that you must visit which is La Lucciola Petitenget Restaurant.

La Lucciola Petitenget Restaurant is a restaurant that serves a menu of International and Mediterranean cuisine. If you choose to visit this restaurant, you don’t have to worry about your vehicle. Because, the parking lot at this restaurant is quite large and you can easily find a place for your vehicle.

La Lucciola Petitenget Restaurant Provides Beautiful Sunset Spot

Once you see the La Lucciola Petitenget Restaurant building, you will see its own uniqueness. A two-story building with a thatched roof. From the lower floors, you will have panoramic views of the ocean and sunsets.

On the top floor is the most beautiful place in La Lucciola. The balcony of this restaurant offers attractive views from the upper floors. The best view from the beach to the wide sea that looks golden when exposed to the sun makes you grateful that you chose this place. The sea breeze that blows and hits the body can beat the hot sun during the day.

For those who like the outdoors or open spaces, La Lucciola Petitenget Restaurant also provides tables and chairs that are placed in the courtyard. The large yard with coastal views is an interesting treat.

When the moon replaced the scorching heat of the sun, candles and torches replaced the sun. La Lucciola literally means firefly. And if you look at the flames of the candles here are like the flames of fireflies.

La Lucciola, a restaurant that offers a varied menu, so that expats and visitors alike will not feel bored with the cuisine of this place. Maybe you won’t feel tired to repeatedly visit this restaurant.

Everyday in the morning, a warm atmosphere will be felt here. Usually they will have breakfast with their family before doing their activities in Bali. Brunch ensues with a delicious menu selection consisting of sweet Italian pastries. And when night has replaced day, the atmosphere at La Lucciola has also changed.

It is on this evening that La Lucciola is perfect for a romantic dinner with your partner. The light here is dim, creating a romantic atmosphere. The place is quite comfortable and cool so you won’t feel hot. Rustic interior design may be what they choose. Wooden tables and chairs that have not been painted or have not been finished are proof. The wood element is dominant in this place. From the start of the building to the tables and chairs made of wood.

Location and Accessibility

If you are already in Petitenget Temple, then you will easily find La Lucciola. Because it is enough just to walk through the elegant wooden bridge over the small river which is lit up by the yellow light of the evening. Another way to get here is just from the beach side and combing the beach side directly from the Petitenget sand. Precisely located on Petitenget Beach, Jl. Kayu Ara, Kerobokan, North Kuta, Seminyak, Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali.

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