Ji Terrace Restaurant

One of the typical Japanese restaurants in Bali is the Ji Terrace restaurant. However, this restaurant has a different and certainly unique concept and presentation of food, making it one of the restaurants that must be visited.

Ji Terrace Restaurant

Vacationing to the island of Bali is one of the most beautiful moments awaited by many tourists. This island has a beauty that can enchant anyone who visits and witnesses it firsthand. Therefore it is not surprising if tourists ranging from local and foreign tourists visit Bali.

Many fun things can be found and done while on vacation in Bali. Where all those fun things are able to provide the best vacation moments ever. Such as visiting natural attractions, cultural tourism objects, to culinary attractions. There are many culinary attractions that are popular on the island of Bali, one of which is the culinary attraction of Ji Terrace by The Sea restaurant.

Different Atmosphere at A Typical Japanese restaurant, Ji Terrace

Ji Terrace restaurant is very famous, especially in the Canggu area. This restaurant is a typical Japanese restaurant that offers a variety of Japanese cuisine and foods from Asian countries, of course, with different ways of serving and processing. However, this restaurant has a quite unique difference, where usually Japanese restaurant culinary delights are presented with an interior that characterizes the Land of the Sun, while this Japanese restaurant offers different things where visitors can enjoy a meal while getting a 180-degree view of the offshore sea and the beach beautiful.

Not just a typical Japanese restaurant, but a luxury restaurant that is part of Hotel Tugu Bali. This restaurant is located on the second floor of the Tugu Bali hotel where the presence of this restaurant is an effort by the hotel to present a classic Japanese culinary atmosphere with a touch of modern elements. Do not forget that the hotel also tries to combine Japanese cuisine with food from other Asian countries. In addition, this restaurant has a classic concept by offering a heritage atmosphere that is so thick in every corner of the room.

Where the authentic and thick heritage impression that is in this restaurant is very different from the elements of Japanese culture. When viewed from the way the room is arranged, this restaurant serves the acculturation of cultures from various countries in Asia. This is evidenced by the existence of a statue of the goddess Durga who comes from Rajastan, a typical Tibetan mask, an old bowl which is a legacy from a family in Lasem, Central Java.

The Unique Menu of Ji Terrace Restaurant

Not only does it provide an authentic and thick heritage, but also provides a romantic impression. So this restaurant is very suitable to be used as a romantic place to eat as an option, especially for lovers. In this restaurant, all visitors will be satisfied with a beautiful view while enjoying delicious culinary delights. One of them is like choosing a dining location that is right in front of the view of Canggu Beach and the open sea. Especially if visitors come in the afternoon, the atmosphere at Ji Terrace restaurant will feel even more romantic. Visitors can also get additional entertainment such as enjoying music played by experienced DJs.

The menu provided at this restaurant has a significant difference when compared to menus at other Japanese restaurants. Moreover, the menus served have the main menu which is the result of collaboration with other menus, aka Fusion culinary. Even so, in no way lessens the delicacy of its fun and unique taste. Of course, this restaurant also has an experienced chef to provide all existing menus.


JL. Batu Bolong Beach.

Open Hours

4.30 pm to 11 pm.

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