Hanging Garden Hotel

Hanging Garden Hotel is very suitable especially for tourists who want to stay surrounded by a beautiful natural atmosphere. With all the luxury offered is guaranteed to make anyone feel at home there.

Hanging Garden Hotel

Vacation in Bali is the most beautiful moment that most awaited by tourists. Both local and foreign tourists. Bali has become the most beautiful tourism place that has even been dubbed the paradise of the world. Because many amazing things can be found in Bali such as beautiful natural scenery, cultural uniqueness, to all places as a means provided to meet all the needs of tourists who visit.

One of those places is like a Hotel. Starting from the usual hotel to luxury hotel. One of them is a hotel in the Ubud area. A popular hotel is known by the name of the Hanging Gardens Hotel.

The Luxury of the Hanging Garden Hotel

Hanging Gardens Hotel is the best place to stay. One of the luxury hotels that ever won the title as the world’s best 7-star luxury service provider in 2016. One of the hotel facilities that is very impressive is the swimming pool.

Hotel Hanging Gardens has a beautiful swimming pool which is often the real thing for tourists at this hotel. In fact, the name Hanging Gardens also seems to be taken from the existence of the swimming pool. Moreover, when in the area at the swimming pool, tourists will feel the sensation of being at height, with the surrounding area in the form of a green area.

Of course, lots of fun things you can do to spend time while in this pool area. The fun of leisure is the most activity carried out by tourists. Other activities such as a place to spend a romantic dinner time with a partner can even be used to hold a wedding or an unforgettable photo pre-wedding in this place.

Hotel Facilities Hanging Garden

The world’s best swimming pool is not the only luxury facility provided by the Hanging Gardens Ubud Hotel. But there are also several other facilities that can provide comfort during your stay. Other facilities that can be enjoyed at this hotel are spa services provided with an amazing view, right on the banks of the Ayung River.

Not to forget, tourists who stay overnight can also taste a variety of appetizing culinary menus in restaurants provided by Hanging Gardens Hotel Ubud. In fact, guests can find a variety of restaurants here, can choose according to the taste. Starting from The Garden Restaurant, The Spa Collection, The Library, or Heart of the Jungle. Each restaurant also offers a unique menu and atmosphere.

Types and Prices of Hanging Garden Hotel Rooms

Hotel Hanging Gardens offers luxurious accommodation with a villa concept. The tourists find several choices of villas that give a natural feel here. Ranging from Panorama Villas, Family Villas, Suite Villas, Riverside Villas, to Hidden Palace. Each villa comes with a traditional Balinese design and presents a different feel.

One of them is Riverside Villa which offers the feel of an inn located right on the banks of the Ayung River. From the location of this room, tourists will be able to directly witness the exotic river views. Meanwhile, Panorama Villas provides a natural feel in the middle of the valley. Do not miss, in the room, there is also an infinity pool that gives a different impression.

For the price of the room offered varies and in accordance with the quality provided. Where the cheapest room rates are IDR 8,000,000 per night.


Buahan, Payangan, Gianyar Regency.

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