Baris Dance Bali

Line dance is a traditional dance from Bali that symbolizes the toughness of Balinese warriors.

There are many types of arts that can be witnessed during a vacation to Bali Island. Moreover, art products in the form of dances. One type of dance that is so interesting to watch during your visit to the Island of the Gods is the Balinese Baris Dance. This traditional dance is a type of art that is intended to describe the disturbance of Balinese soldiers.

Balinese Baris Dance is also a type of traditional dance performed by men. In fact, this type of dance has become a culture that is passed from generation to generation to every boy in Bali. They will also learn how to Baris Dance before they reach adulthood. Although it is intended for men, this dance movement requires a flexible body so that the dance looks elegant.

History of Balinese Baris Dance

Balinese Baris Dance is a type of war dance. In this traditional dance, tourists can show the depiction of Balinese soldiers going to the battlefield. In this appearance, you will see the figure of a brave and manly warrior. At the same time, this dance also shows the devotion of a soldier to the king.

This traditional dance from Bali, according to historical records, is thought to have existed since the middle of the 16th century AD. Evidence of the existence of Balinese Baris Dance in that century can be found in the Sundanese Kidung which is a historical relic from 1550 AD. In the historical manuscript, it is shown that there are 7 types of dance lines that are performed at the cremation ceremony.

The performance of Balinese Baris Dance at that time was not just for entertainment. The performance has a very important meaning, even known as part of a religious ritual carried out by the Balinese people. In its performance, this dance is performed by as many as 8 to 40 people. the dancers are then accompanied by a variety of trinkets in the form of traditional weapons.

In the 19th century, a new variant of Balinese Baris Dance emerged, namely the solo Baris Dance. This type of dance is not used as part of religious rituals, but entirely for people’s entertainment. The number of dancers who stage this entertainment is also less, only needing 1 or 2 dancers.

The dance performance before leaving for the battlefield is not without purpose and purpose. This dance performance is believed by Balinese people as a way to welcome the arrival of gods and ancestors.

The Beauty of Balinese Traditional Baris Dance

In this traditional dance performance, the dancers will be equipped with various knick-knacks. The crown that has a triangular shape with vertical seashells trimmed at the top is the main characteristic. Furthermore, the dancers wear loose, colorful costumes and are seen dangling to the floor.

The movement of the shoulders that reaches the level of the ears is the hallmark of this Balinese dance. In addition, the dancers’ hands are always in a horizontal position and the movements look so firm. In addition, the dancers’ eye movements will also continue to change, representing the nature of soldiers who are alert to all situations on the battlefield.

To further show a dramatic impression, this traditional dance performance is also accompanied by music. The accompanying music is of course performed with a variety of traditional musical instruments, such as gog kebyar or gong gede.

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