Aling-Aling Waterfall in Buleleng

There is a beautiful waterfalls that is situated in Buleleng regency. In an area that is known as an are with many of amazing and popular tourist attraction.

Buleleng Regency Tourism

Buleleng Regency, or better known as the northern Bali region, have many amazing and popular tourist attractions. These attractions are not only beaches that have marine animal attractions, but also the number of tourist attractions with waterfalls that can boost the popularity of the region. One of the waterfalls whose existence is quite impressing by presenting a beautiful and unique mountain scenery is Aling-Aling waterfall.

Aling-Aling Waterfall is a well-known tourist destination with a large number of visiting tourists. The tourists who visit usually want to find a different natural atmosphere which charming.

The uniqueness of Aling-Aling Waterfall

Aling-Aling Waterfall in Buleleng is very suitable for tourists who love adventure the nature. One of them is like enjoying the green nature of the mountains. The beauty as well as the uniqueness of the Aling-Aling waterfall shows the characteristics of the Bali Island which highlights the natural coast with a view of the beach and the amazing sea. Aling-Aling Waterfall is crowed with tourists especially during the holiday season and New Year.

Fun things that can be enjoyed by tourists who visit this place is soft trekking. Along the paths and paddy fields, the tourists will be enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way to the Aling-Aling waterfall. Including enjoying the natural atmosphere of a quiet and beautiful countryside. Not only that. Because the tourists will walk down hundreds of stairs where in the mid-way will be seen the existence of the Aling-Aling waterfall that looks so unique and exotic, before finally arriving at the location of the waterfall.

Arriving at location will shows you a spectacular view of the waterfall, which fatigue will not be felt because the beauty of the Aling-aling waterfall which has a height of 35 meters falls from the top of the cliff as well as the flow of the unique waterfall that splits in half from the top. The cliff is also steep, with huge stones along the river which certainly makes the tourists feel comfortable.

Under the Aling-Aling Buleleng Waterfall there is like a pond created naturally. Every tourist can freely enjoy the splash of waterfalls and the sensations created. For your information, tourists can freely enter the Aling-Aling waterfall area without any charge, but only voluntary donations from tourists who want to give.


Aling-aling Waterfall is located in the village of Sambangan, Sukasada, Buleleng.


Distance from Denpasar around 80 km, it takes about 2 hours away by vehicle like car. If you depart from the airport, Jimbaran and Kuta areas take longer to travel, because the place is in the South Bali region.

Traveling from Denpasar, you will see a T-junction before Singaraja city, which has a guide directing you to turn left to the Sukasada Buleleng terminal, arrive in front of the T-junction of Sambangan village hall then you will find the sign board “Aling-aling Waterfall” follow the directions within a distance of about 2 km you will arrive at a parking location where the soft trekking to the location of the Aling-Aling waterfall started.

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